segunda-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2011

I heard you good with them soft lips
Yeah you know word of mouth
The things we could do in twenty minutes girl
Say my name, say my name
Wear it out, its getting hot, crack a window, air it out
I can get you through a mighty long day
Soon as I go the text you gon right is gon say?

Hey boy I really wanna see if you can go downtown with a girl like me
Hey boy, I really wanna be with you
Cause you just my type, Oh na na na na.
I need a boy to take it over
Not everybody knows how to work my body
Knows how to make me want it
Boy you stay up on it
You got that something that keeps me so off balance
Baby you're a challenge, lets explore your talent
Baby you got me, aint nowhere that I'd be
Then with your arms around me
Back and forth you rock me
So I surrender, to every word you whisper

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